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No boat? No problem! Wanna hit some sliders and kickers? We have a great selection of those too! Our overhead wakeboard cable systems will allow you to shred around our lake…no boat or wake needed! Wake Nation Cincinnati is one of the best cable parks for learning, and there is no better or faster way to learn how to wakeboard than on our two tower cable systems.

Practice speeds (slower speeds) on our main cable are offered every weekday we are open, from 12noon to 2pm.

Important Cable Park Information

Regardless of your skill level, our goal is to help you understand what to expect at Wake Nation Cincinnati, and get you riding in a safe and controlled manner. In order to provide you with an injury free, safe, fun, and exceptional first-time experience, we do not allow beginners on the full size cable systems. First-time kneeboarding is allowed.

For those that have previously ridden a full size cable system:
If you have successfully ridden a full size cable system before (meaning you can make the start and the turns) you can just show up, shred, and enjoy. Have fun, be safe, and always ride within your abilities!

For those have not previously ridden a full size cable system:
Regardless of your skill level, if you have not successfully ridden a full size cable system before, you may need a lesson to learn the start and turns before we allow you to ride on your own. If you have a significant amount of wakeboarding experience, we will allow you up to 5 tries on the full size cable without a lesson, however, you must show up early in the day, and do so knowing that if you do not get it in 5 tries, we will require a lesson before you are allowed back on the full size cable, and you will not receive a refund for that day. Lessons on the full size cable are conducted before normal operating hours, and require a reservation. On a case by case basis, and with instructor approval, you can continue to shred the full size cable for an additional 2 hours after your start and turn lesson.

For those that have never wakeboarded:
If you have never wakeboarded before, a lesson is critical to your success, and is absolutely mandatory. We do not, under any circumstances, allow first time wakeboarders to ride the full size cable system. A lesson is a much better experience and will give you the skills and confidence to come back and ride on your own. Little ones will need at least 60 minutes and warm weather. Learning to get up properly takes about 30-45 minutes per person the first time. Each additional ride can be as short as 10 minutes or as long as 30.

Check out our calendar for the exact months, days, and hours of operation.

To make a reservation, call (513) 887-9253 or use our contact page.

What is Cable Wakeboarding?

If you already know what cable wakeboarding is, keep on scrollin’. If you don’t, cable wakeboarding is a form of water-skiing that uses overhead pulley systems to pull participants around a lake, instead of a boat. Any location with one or more wakeboard cable systems is often called a wakeboard cable park, or cable park for short. Many cable parks have features (sliders and jumps) that resemble a floating snow or skate park, in addition to non wakeboarding amenities and activities. With a lesson or two, cable wakeboarding can be exceptionally easy and for those coming from snow sports, kiteboarding, surfing, or skateboarding, it’s even easier.

There are 2 types of cable systems; two tower cable systems and full size cable systems. The two tower cables usually pull one participant at a time, and are excellent for learning, teaching, and practicing tricks. The cable operator has the ability to easily coach you, pick you up quickly, and allow you multiple attempts at a particular skill. Nearly all of our lessons are on the two tower cable system, and the skills translate quickly to the boat or a full size cable system. The full size cable system is more advanced, and runs continuously with multiple riders at a time, spread out over several hundred feet. When a participant falls, they swim to the side and walk back to the start dock to begin again. The start and the turns take a time or two to master, but once you have it, you’re riding on your own. A full size cable system is ideal for the intermediate level rider and above. Most of the features (sliders and kickers) at a typical cable park are on the full size cable system.

Cable parks are becoming more popular, and go by many names. So whether you call them a cable park like we do, or a cable wakeboard park, cable wake park, wakeboard cable park, wakeboard park, or wake park….it’s all the same to us, and it’s all about being safe and having fun!

To make a reservation, call (513) 887-9253 or use our contact page.

Tickets and Pricing


2 Hour Ticket – $30.00

4 Hour Ticket – $35.00

All Day Ticket – $40.00

1 Hour Kneeboarding – $22.00

2 Hour Kneeboarding – $30.00

Equipment Rentals

Standard Equipment Package – $15.00

Slider Equipment Package – $25.00

Group Equipment Package – $35.00/Hour

Helmet – $5.00

Vest/Life Jacket – $5.00

Wetsuit Top – $10.00


Monthly Pass – $239.00

Season Pass – $799.00

VIP Pass – $1599.00