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Wake Nation's Restaurant & Beer Garden

The restaurant is currently in the permit-transition process with the new ownership. At this time, we only have a small variety of snacks and drink, and cannot offer anything that doesn’t come in a wrapper. We’re working on it!


Place holder: At Wake Nation Cincinnati, not only will you have a blast enjoying the many different activities like wakeboarding and climbing on the Aqua Glide Waterpark, but your taste buds will too at our Restaurant and Beer Garden!  With a wide variety of items to choose from like pizza, sliders, bagel and croissant sandwiches, ice cream, snow cones, yogurt, fruit smoothies and much more.  Wash it down with a cold soda, Gatorade or energy drink.  We also provide a great selection of both craft and domestic beer. Please note: if you appear intoxicated, we cannot allow you to ride the cable systems.