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Wake Nation's Restaurant & Beer Garden

At Wake Nation Cincinnati, not only will you have a blast enjoying the many different activities like wakeboarding and climbing on the Aqua Glide Waterpark, but your taste buds will too at our new Restaurant and Beer Garden!  With a wide variety of items to choose from like pizza, sliders, bagel and croissant sandwiches, ice cream, yogurt, fruit smoothies and much more.  Wash it down with a cold soda, Gatorade or energy drink.  We also provide a great selection of both craft and domestic beer.

*Notice: Once you consume alcohol, you must forfeit your wristband


Pizza: Slice or Whole Pizza

Pepperoni – $3.00 (slice) /$21.00 (whole)
Cheese – $2.50 (slice) /$17.00 (whole)


Cheeseburger, Veggie Burger, Grilled Chicken
Spreads – BBQ, Buffalo, Creamy Garlic
2 for $4.00 or 4 for $7.50. Add Bacon $.75

Croissant & Bagel Sandwiches:

Egg & Cheese + Bacon or Chicken:  $4.00

Hot Dogs:

$2.oo (add cheese $.75)


Chicken: $5.00
Cheese/Veggie: $4.00

Loaded Chips:

Bacon + Cheese: $3.50 (Ranch or Creamy Garlic)


Fruit Smoothie (Strawberry, Wildberry): $4.50 – Add Banana: $1.00

Ice Cream: $2.00

Pretzels: $2.00

Luigi’s Ice: $2.00

Strawberry, Cherry, Lemon

Dirty Chips: $2.00

Protein Bar: $1.25

Plain or BBQ Chips: $1.00

Yogurt: $1.00

Candy: $.25


Monster: $3.50

Gatorade: $2.00

Sodas: $2.00

Water: $1.50


Craft Beer: $5.00

Rhinegeist – Truth

Rhinegeist – Zen

Rhinegeist – Fiction

Mad Tree – Soul Drifter

New Belgium – Fat Tire

Jackie O’s – Firefly Amber

Jackie O’s – Honeynut Brown Ale


Domestic Beer: $5.00

Coors Lite

Bud Lite

Yuengling Lager

Pabst Blue Ribbon

Corona with lime