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Cable Wakeboarding

Cable Wakeboarding is the world’s fastest growing watersport and Cincinnati houses one of the best facilities in the country!  In cable wakeboarding, a high tech “pulley” system drives riders around a body of water without the use of a boat! The Main lake tows up to 6 wakeboarders at the same time, with ropes attached to a moving cable that sits high above the water. Riders are towed around our lake through a course of optional custom built obstacles. There is no boat at Wake Nation.  When a rider falls, the cable keeps pulling the other riders and the cable operator is able to seamlessly add a new rider on to the system. Once a rider falls, they will swim to the outer shore of the lake and make their way back to the starting dock to get in line for another ride on the cable!  We also have a beginner lake for first time wakeboarders!  Ages 5 and up.

Our Lakes

Main Cable

Beginner Cable



Our professional staff teaches thousands of new wakeboarders every season on our beginner cables.

Experienced Riders

We’ve got you covered!  Wake Nation’s lake is full of custom built rails and jumps for all experience levels.


Ages 5 and up